Physical Therapy: After surgery. After an injury. Or after a long day on the job.

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Whether you’ve had surgery, an injury—or whether you just come home from work with aches and pains— physical therapy from Rehab Associates can provide relief. Our doctors of physical therapy can provide caring, expert treatment tailored to your particular needs. Most patients don’t even need a referral, and treatment is covered by many insurance plans.

Physical therapy: Pain relief tailored to your condition.

You may think of physical therapy in relation to accidents or injuries. But physical therapy is an important healthcare option for you when you have persistent aches or pain.

You don’t have to be a runner, biker, golfer, or tennis player to need physical therapy. In fact, if your job keeps you at a desk or in an office all day, you may eventually suffer from musculoskeletal conditions that are treatable by physical therapy from Rehab Associates.

Rehab Associates of Central Virginia is an orthopedic physical therapy practice, which means we treat problems related to bones, joints and muscles—everything from strains and sprains to sore backs and knees.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can take care of you from head to toe, with specialties ranging from headaches and dizziness to foot and ankle disorders. Significantly, these treatments do not rely on prescription drugs, so you’ll never have to worry about medication interaction or pharmacy bills.

Rehab Associates has been locally owned and operated by physical therapists for more than 40 years, and now maintains nine locations throughout Central Virginia. Across all our offices, you’ll find a well-trained, highly qualified team that’s large enough to be responsive, yet always focused on you.

Most patients can quickly get an appointment without a referral, and treatments at Rehab Associates are covered by many insurance plans. So the next time you’re suffering from persistent aches or pains, remember that you can refer yourself to Rehab Associates for prompt, caring attention from a doctor of Physical Therapy.

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