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Senior Partners

Andrew Tatom

Andrew J. Tatom, III

Joe Spagnolo

Joseph W. Spagnolo,

VP of Recruitment and Retention

Joshua Bailey

Joshua A. Bailey,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael P. Richardson,

Compliance officer

Harrison F. Hunt,

VP of Marketing

Jessica B. Wright,

Chief Operations Officers

Robin W. Glover,

Regional Clinical Leader

Catherine A. Beuerle Martin,

Regional Clinical Leader

Junior Partners

Jordan Molstre

Brian Britt

About The Company

We are proud to offer patients the highest level of expertise, convenience and care in outpatient physical therapy treatment in the Central Virginia region. What started out in 1966 as a small physical therapy practice has now evolved into a thriving group of fifteen strategically located practices throughout Central Virginia.

Rehab Associates practices are therapist-owned, in partnership with US Physical Therapy, locally operated and fully staffed with a highly educated, well trained team of health care providers and support staff to provide the best in comprehensive physical therapy care.

Mission Statement

We promise:

  • to connect our patients with skilled professionals with advanced clinical specialties;
  • to provide convenient locations with flexible schedules and do our best to respect our patients’ time;
  • to collaborate with other healthcare providers regarding our patients’ care;
  • to support our staff so that they can serve our patients better; and
  • to contribute positively in our communities.


We value our patients’ choice to entrust their care to us.

Tag Line

We are Physical Therapy…Our Goal is Your Success.

Our Goal

We strive to improve the quality of health of every patient who passes through our doors. We endeavor to provide a superior functional outcome in a friendly, efficient and cost-effective

environment. We educate and inform our patients to enable them to be more self-reliant in the management of their health and wellbeing so that every patient is satisfied with the comprehensive quality of care we have provided.

Our Vision

We will be the primary choice for outpatient physical therapy of every physician and patient.

Our Values

It is Rehab Associates’ business to provide physical therapy services to the patient population of Central Virginia. Rehab Associates believes in five core values, which provide the foundation on which our Company is built. These values represent the way we intend to do business, and we endeavor to uphold them at all times.

ETHICS – A promise to conduct business in an honest, fair manner and with the utmost integrity.

RELATIONSHIPS – Put people first. A commitment to treat all peoples with respect and human


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – A commitment to act in a responsible manner with total regard for

our families, communities and environment.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – An obligation to act in a financially prudent manner for the benefit

of our patients and employees.

EXCELLENCE – A commitment to achieving the best outcomes and to creating opportunities to

exceed expectations.


As a Rehab Associates employee, it is your talents, skills and personal commitment that are essential to success. Your performance contributes directly to the achievement of corporate goals and the success of Rehab Associates.


Our employees can and do make a difference.



Physical Therapist Career Ladder:




  1. Physical Therapist I Physical Therapist generalist
  2. Physical Therapist II Physical Therapist generalist with a continuum of education culminating in a credentialing exam that is vetted by a
    credentialing body (e.g. Manual Therapy Certification, Vestibular Certification, Women’s Health Certification)
  3. Physical Therapist Specialist Physical Therapist generalist with APTA approved specialty certification




Clinical Category+/Site Supervisor Physical Therapist generalist or specialist that supervises a clinical site with less than 2 years of experience


Clinical Category+/Site Director Physical Therapist generalist or specialist that directs a clinical site; at least 2 years of experience required


Clinical Category+/Junior Partner Physical Therapist generalist or specialist that directs a clinical site and owns a portion of that particular site


Clinical Category+/Owner Physical Therapist generalist or specialist that owns Class A shares of Rehab Associates of Central Virginia


Physical Therapist Assistant Career Ladder:




  1. Physical Therapist Assistant I Physical Therapist Assistant generalist
  2. Physical Therapist Assistant II Physical Therapist Assistant generalist with at least 70 Type I CEUs in a consecutive 4 year period
  3. Physical Therapist Assistant III Physical Therapist Assistant generalist with APTA Advanced Proficiency or other nationally recognized clinical certification
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