Monthly Archives: August 2014

Back Pain

Are you struggling with recurrent lower back pain?  Statistics show that lower back pain is the most common musculoskeletal diagnosis that is treated in the United States on a yearly basis.  An acute episode of lower back pain can be debilitating.  Having these symptoms return on a regular basis can be even more discouraging and […]

Can Physical Therapy save you money?

In Virginia, a person has the ability to seek physical therapy without a physician referral (Direct Access).  This means if you are having aches and pains, you can come to Rehab Associates without a referral from a physician and almost all insurances participate.  Early intervention is the key!  Waiting to get a referral for treatment […]

Swimming Injuries in the Triathlete

With triathlon season just around the corner, you may be gearing up to start those 5am workouts in the pool.  Before you dive right back into your swimming routine, you may want to consider if your stroke technique is up to par.  Swimming workouts vary from just a few laps a week by recreational swimmers, […]

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