Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Feature — Community Photos

New Feature — Community Photos We now have a way for you to share your photos with us from events around the community. The Community Photos page is an easy way to send your event photos to us and we’ll upload them to our Facebook page. Check it out here and look for yourself on our […]

Run for your life

Running is great exercise for enhancing your health and overall well-being. Whether you plan to run in a big race, run for exercise, or just run for fun, following a few simple guidelines can help you stay ahead of the curve on injury prevention. Get a leg up on the competition Don’t skip your warm-up. […]

Don’t just sit there!

Many office workers sit at a desk day after day for eight or more hours. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can really put a strain on your body. Proper body positioning at your desk, standing up now and then and keeping your body moving throughout the day are vital to reducing muscle strain, circulation […]

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