Monthly Archives: February 2018

More use of PT linked with less back pain in older adults

Back pain is prevalent and reduces quality of life in population Back pain is a prevalent condition in the entire population, as 80% of people will experience it at least once. It’s particularly common in older adults, and up to 33% of individuals over the age of 65 experience it regularly, which limits their abilities […]


Have you suffered a concussion in the past and are you having a hard time returning back to work or school? There are certain factors that may prolong your recovery. Prior concussion Female vs. Male Age History of ADHD/ADD Neurological diagnosis Psychiatric diagnosis Prolonged loss of consciousness Vestibular diagnosis It is expected that most people […]

Aquatic Exercise

We all know that exercise is important to maintaining and improving health, but what happens when exercises in the gym are too painful due to joint discomfort and back pain? Are there alternative options?  The answer is : YES! Aquatic therapy can be very beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain in […]

Attention Ladies:  What’s in Your Bag

Attention Ladies:  What’s in Your Bag Have you been dealing with pain in your neck, back or shoulder?  Well guess what!  It could possibly be that favorite accessory that most of us women love known as the PURSE.  Have you noticed that over the past few years those purses are being manufactured much larger than […]

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