Rehabbing our surgical knowledge

In April, Rehab Associates of Central Virginia had the opportunity to participate in a two-day in-house continuing education course on surgical approaches of the spine. Wait…why, you ask, do we want to study surgical procedures when our focus is on rehabilitation? Since we are part of our patients’ overall healing process, it is extremely helpful for us to gain an understanding of the nature of injuries requiring surgery, the physiological healing time, the mechanical changes of the muscle due to surgery, and the surgical techniques used in such procedures.

This particular training dealt with cervical and lumbar spine surgical procedures and included extensive hands-on practice of rehabilitation therapy techniques for post-surgical patients as well as the appropriate type of exercise for the different surgical techniques.  The more we understand about how this types of surgery affect the body – such as the effects it has on the muscles and nerves involved – the better chance we have of achieving a positive therapeutic outcome for each individual patient.

We are dedicated to continually learning new ways to provide the best possible care to our patients. This training has given us the preparation we need to develop customized effective and safe rehabilitation programs with proper therapy techniques and exercise selection for a variety of post-surgical conditions.

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