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Head, Neck & Facial Pain (Including TMJ)

This is a form of physical therapy that helps those suffering with any pain associated with the facial region, head, and/or neck, including those struggling with Temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders.

Pain in this area of the body may be derived from stress, poor posture/ergonomics, excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth, or a TMJ disorder.

Head Neck and Facial Pain

Physical therapy treatment includes an in depth evaluation of the structures of the cervical spine, jaw joints and head. Treatment could include manual therapy techniques for the spine, jaw and soft tissues, exercise for the jaw and neck, and modalities. Manual therapy focuses on the relationship of the muscles, joints and nerves of the jaw, head, neck and face and how they relate to each other. Exercise is designed to restore the proper balance of the spine and head to take unnecessary stress off of sensitive tissues and to support the body so it can perform the activities of daily living efficiently and comfortably. Modalities will decrease the short-term discomfort and joint irritation. We will look at how you interact with your environment to see if there are activates you preform that put increase stress on your body which could cause increased pain. Most importantly, in addition to these techniques, the patient is provided with a home exercise program to aid in symptom reduction. Each treatment plan is based on a patient’s individual needs and the therapist and patient work as a team to reach the patients goals.

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Rehab Associates Head, Neck and TMJ Pain Specialist:

Andrew Tatom
Andy Tatom, PT, DPT, OCS  (Lynchburg – Clifton Street Clinic)

Andy graduated from Old Dominion University’s Physical Therapy program in 1982. He completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University in 2005 and has been a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy since 1995. His special interests include manual therapy with an emphasis in spine, SI joint, headaches, facial pain and temporomandibular dysfunction, and dry needling.

Head, Neck and Facial Pain is Treated at the following Rehab Associates locations:

Amherst Clinic

Phone: 434.381.6090

Appomattox Clinic

Phone: 434.352.5799

Bedford Clinic

Phone: 540.586.1138

Brookneal Clinic

Phone: 434.376.2008

Clifton Street Clinic

Phone: 434.528.1848

Forest Clinic

Phone: 434.525.4851

Hurt Clinic

Phone: 434.324.9750

Rehab Associates Physical Therapy Lynchburg Forest Brook Road

Forest Brook Road Clinic

Phone: 434.338.1186

Lovingston Clinic

Phone: 434.226.0612

Monelison Clinic

Phone: 434.845.5641

Rehab Associates Physical Therapy Moneta

Moneta Clinic

Phone: 540.296.3203

physical therapy Lynchburg Timberlake

Timberlake Clinic

Phone: 434.237.6812

Rustburg Clinic

Phone: 434.332.3904

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