PT Pub Night

Local Physical Therapy Professionals to host PT Pub Night™ in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA — As part of a national movement to facilitate relationships that improve the physical therapy profession, physical therapy professionals in the Blue Ridge Region will gather during a local PT Pub Night™ event at Neighbors Place on January 19th2015 at 7:30 p.m.

The goal of PT Pub Night is to strengthen the physical therapy profession by creating opportunities for those related to the profession – from students and researchers to seasoned PTs – to meet, share ideas, discuss challenges and consider the future of PT as it relates to both patients and health care.

As with any profession, it’s important to network and create relationships not just for professional opportunities, but to share the common experiences and challenges that transcend the walls of any specific clinic. Such relationships are essential, and it’s from these PT networks that we can draw resources for inspiration and innovation.

Over the last year alone, hundreds of PT professionals and students have participated in PT Pub Night events held in more than 130 cities representing 42 states and four foreign countries (New Zealand, Spain, England, and Nigeria). The core engine behind PT Pub Night is located in craft-beer-rich Bend, Oregon.

“These casual gatherings are about more than just meeting up for a beer,” said Tannus Quatre, a licensed physical therapist and leader of the creative team behind PT Pub Night efforts. “PT Pub Night’s function is to serve us – the physical therapy profession – by providing a connecting venue through which we develop real relationships with those around us, both locally and through the larger PT Pub Night community. Such relationships are catalysts for innovation, problem solving and progress.”

Participants largely promote events and communicate with one another via social media channels such as Twitter (@PTPubNight) and Facebook ( Physical therapy professionals and students are welcome to participate in a local PT Pub Night event in their communities or start one of their own.

“As a rule, physical therapists are forward thinkers who are passionate about their professions and in finding better ways to deliver their services, and messages about their services, to the public,” Quatre said. “PT Pub Night is our way of encouraging these passionate people to meet through the promise of a pint of beer and some good conversation. From there, great things are bound to happen.”

Events are listed on the PT Pub Night Facebook page and on the official website:

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