Origination Specialist

Origination Specialist


Hi, I am Karissa Maynard and I’m the Origination Specialists for Rehab Associates of Central Virginia. Please allow me to tell you how I can help you save time and money. My job with Rehab Associates is to:

  • Save you valuable time by connecting you to any of our offices by calling just one number. That’s right only one number-1-855-RACV4PT (1-855-722-8478). I can schedule your initial appointment, help you determine which office would be the best or most convenient for you, find the first available appointment for faster service, and provide you information on what services we can offer.
  • Make it easy to locate the best therapist with the best skills to treat your problem. We can also help by sending you all your paperwork ahead of time to minimize any waiting in the office. I can provide you guidelines on what to expect on your first visit or even send you directions to our practices, if needed.
  • Provide assistance about the cost of care. Insurances can be confusing. I will help you understand how to get information from your insurance about physical therapy coverage. I can connect you to our own insurance specialists and financial counselors as well. You should be concerned with getting well…not the cost.
  • Connect you with our caring team. We offer 10 minute free phone consultations if you have clinical questions about the rehab process. I will arrange for you to speak with a highly trained specialist in the field.

Call Karissa today at 855-RACV4PT. I am here to help!

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