Honorable Mention for Advance Magazine Practice of the Year 2014

Rehabilitation Associates of Central Virginia, Lynchburg, Va. –

Headquartered in Lynchburg, Rehabilitation Associates of Central Virginia (RACVA) has leveraged the mantra of going above and beyond to create a superior patient and clinician experience.

“As we have expanded to 11 practices, that cover over 100 square miles, a common thread that binds us together is employees who understand, empathize, and intend to provide the best outcome for our patients,” said Andy Tatom, DPT, OCS, partner and chairman of the board. “We recognize that many of our patients are new to physical therapy and their ultimate impression of our profession will begin, and hopefully end, with Rehab Associates of Central Virginia.”

To ensure they are providing high-quality care and service, RACVA closely assesses staff utilizing Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO). They strive to function at 20% greater than the national average in every clinical category, and we currently have a 99% overall patient satisfaction rate based on the rolling average for the past 12 months, Tatom said. “Even though we are always attempting to meet these goals, there is no greater satisfaction than media or exit survey compliments,” he added.

For patient convenience, Rehab Associates requires that all therapists are direct access certified in Virginia to allow for the most expeditious entrance to PT and facilitate a rapid approach to the beginning of their recovery. Clinics open at 6 or 7 a.m. and stay open until 7 or 8 p.m. to accommodate patients’ busy lives. This also allows them to offer walk-in service for initial evaluations.

If patient is unsure about physical therapy or the services they provide, Rehab Associates offers free 10-minute phone consultations with a therapist to discuss whether PT is the best option for them. For complex cases, RACVA has the ability to utilize telehealth services to minimize travel and maximize clinical contact with our patients. The Rehab Associates Foot and Ankle team uses this most frequently as they manage difficult cases from around the country.

RACVA attributes its steady growth to staff development. “The key to our philosophy of ‘keeping the patient first’ is having the right people treating them,” said Tatom. RACVA offers 100% coverage of each employee’s health insurance; dental insurance; short- and long-term disability; a rich 401-k match; and a monthly profit sharing plan. PTs receive a $2,000 continuing education allowance per year and PTAs receive $1,000. Additionally, the company provides in-house continuing education to minimize time away from clinics and families.

“Over the last year, we have created an emerging leaders program where professional staff who want hone their management skills have an opportunity and mechanism to learn the requirements of running a health care business that is often not taught formally,” explained Tatom. “Coinciding with this, we have developed a succession plan for PTs to move from PT to site director to junior partner to full partner.”

All new clinicians to the company, regardless of experience level, are provided a one-month paid “boot camp” to the learn about RACVA’s business and patient care philosophies. They educate each team member about the electronic medical records system as well as provide planned time to spend with insurance specialists who are able to teach the nuances of various third-party payers. The boot camp is culminated with dinner with a mentor who has been hand selected for each new hire. Their mentor is one who will never be the new employee’s immediate supervisor. “This allows for open and honest communication among staff, which, in essence, is the key to any successful organization,” said Tatom.

RACVA offers a clinical career ladder that allows PTs to progress from PT I (entry level) to PT II (on track for a clinical specialty or a specialist in a non-ABPTS affiliated organization) to Clinical Specialist (a certified specialist recognized by the APTA). A similar career ladder is available for PTAs.

“We have found that by providing progressive clinical and management advancement opportunities, as well as hiring the right staff, we are able to generate the winning culture that our staff enjoy, foster and will ultimately thrive in,” said Tatom.

“At Rehab Associates of Central Virginia, we recognize that a single extra step is not enough to make our practice stand out from the crowd,” continued Tatom. “Our approach to outpatient physical therapy is to exceed patients’ expectations from the initial phone call until well after discharge. We strive to provide this via stellar customer service, as well as by providing complete care guided by skilled and compassionate hands.”

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