Can Physical Therapy save you money?

In Virginia, a person has the ability to seek physical therapy without a physician referral (Direct Access).  This means if you are having aches and pains, you can come to Rehab Associates without a referral from a physician and almost all insurances participate.  Early intervention is the key!  Waiting to get a referral for treatment just doesn’t make sense and only costs you more time, more pain, and ultimately more money! Go directly to the experts!

A recent study performed at the University of Delaware shows that direct access to physical therapy is associated with fewer visits to the clinic and decreased cost.  Think about that…less time and less money. That is hard to beat. This study also reports no loss of continuity of care in patients who directly accessed physical therapy.1 Meaning that your therapist works with your Doctors as needed to get the results that you deserve.

More specifically, in a different and much larger study performed by Mitchell and DeLissovoy, published in a Journal Titled Physical Therapy, access to Physical Therapy without a referral provides an average cost savings of $1200 per patient care episode and 67% less time spent in physical therapy as well.2

At the present time, in the U.S., less than 5% of all PT visits are without a referral.  That means 95% of these episodes of care are 67% longer and cost an average of $1200 more.  Direct access to Physical therapy is the obvious choice for musculoskeletal conditions.  Rehab Associates can help you save money, get treated sooner, get better faster and spend less time on the bench or couch!

When you have pain, injuries or weakness, see your physical therapist first!   For more information on how you can be assessed or if you would like a free 10 minute consultation over the phone to determine what services are right for you, call 1-855RACV4PT today!

Contributed by Harrison F. Hunt, PT, DPT of the Bedford Practice




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