Aquatic Exercise

We all know that exercise is important to maintaining and improving health, but what happens when exercises in the gym are too painful due to joint discomfort and back pain? Are there alternative options?  The answer is : YES! Aquatic therapy can be very beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain in multiple ways. The heated pool (a balmy 92 degrees) provides a relaxing,  gravity reduced environment which unloads the joints allowing you to move more freely with reduced impact on the joints. As an added bonus: it also promotes increased blood flow to the muscles which can aid in pain reduction in the joints and relaxation of the muscles!

Contributed by Megan Grim, LPTA – Clifton St. Office

For more information on how you can be assessed for aquatic based exercise or if you would like a free 10 minute consultation over the phone to determine what services are right for you, call 1-855RACV4PT today!

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