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Time for spring planting, garden tilling, and mulching and time for the gardener in all of us to get in gear. It is this time of year when I have many people come to me after hurting themselves because they become very active outside after not doing much in the winter to stay in shape. There are some simple things that you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a springtime pain statistic. First is to pace yourself and do not try to spread the entire truckload of mulch in one day. Instead, try spreading the mulch (pardon the pun) over several days. Do not try to lift heavy things. Remember when lifting keep the load close to you, keep the normal curves in you back and use your legs when picking something up. Do not try to carry heavy things. Get help or use a wheelbarrow when transporting bags of mulch, potting soil and plants. Working in the garden or the yard is just like playing sports so do not forget to stretch before and after your outside work. If you use the muscle between your ears more that the muscles in your back you will be able to get more done and feel good and enjoy the fruits of your labors.
Contributed by Andy Tatom, PT, DPT – Clifton Street Practice
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