Head Neck and Facial Pain


Headaches are extremely variable in symptoms and will affect 99% of the population at some point. Do you suffer from frequent or intense headaches? If so, you should consider physical therapy with Rehab Associates of Central Virginia to alleviate your symptoms.

Headaches can fall into many different categories and classifications but two of the most common types are Cervicogenic Headaches and Muscle Tension Headaches. Cervicogenic Headaches come from either the joints or discs within the upper cervical area. These can present with pain in the forehead and/or behind the eyes, with symptoms that can last up to three days and repeat regularly. Muscle Tension Headaches are the most common cause of headaches and originate from sustained contraction of the muscles of the neck. This can be related to a multiple issues such as poor posture, previous neck injury, prolonged positions, and stress. These symptoms typically feel like a pressure wrapping around the head and can originate at the base of the skull.

These two types of headaches account for about 60-80% of all headaches and can be addressed with you Physical Therapist. Your Physical Therapist can treat these symptoms and the source of your headaches with multiple techniques. These techniques include manual “hands on” therapy (to normalize movement and improve stress on tissues), specific exercise programs (to address weak muscles, and tight muscles), and postural education.

By using these techniques in combination with other options Physical therapy has been shown and supported with research to improve the duration, frequency, and intensity of headaches. This will lead to a decrease symptoms, decreasing the opportunity for the headaches to return, and most importantly return the patient to their previous functional level.

For more information on how you can be assessed or if you would like a free 10 minute consultation over the phone to determine if you would benefit from physical therapy, call 1-855RACV4PT (1-855-722-8478)

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Contributed by Matthew Nolen, PT, DPT from the Clifton Street Clinic

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